Marketing plan

Why has internet marketing exploded?


Marketing Plan for all ages

Marketing a brand to audiences of all age groups can be a challenge.

We have our target audience bracketed into groups based on their age, their preferences, likes, dislikes, experience in the digital world, trust, relationships.We can discuss multiple characteristics of groups who are Baby Boomers, Generation X’ers, and Millenials.

Baby boomers

The population of Baby boomers is slowly getting smaller and the audience our brands like to target is essentially the millennials.  Not all baby boomers are willing to learn the ropes of the Digital world. They have been forced to adopt it since the world around them operates on the Digital platform. Whether it is an Apple TV or their smartphones. Higher percentage use Youtube as their platform of choice.


Gen-X’ers understand and try not to resist the wave of change that has overwhelmed their lives along with accelerating it. To stay in contact with the world around them they need technology.They also need to keep up with their younger generation of kids who do not know a world without their smartphones, laptops, voice operated Google search which is instant gratification. Their encyclopedia for searching any topic is the search engines or the youtube videos.


Millenials grew up in the era of Social Media booming. The Digital world of Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Snap chat.Millenials also consists of a large bucket of an age range from 18-37 yrs old.

Young millennials

The young millennials are from 18-25 yrs old more interested in telling their stories in the form of Video. It can be on Youtube or vlogging or Snap chat, Instagram stories.

Legacy brands now need to get the attention of the millennials. To get their brand recognition they need engage their audience on Social media Platforms, Interactive videos, a message that is authentic, clear, sustainable and relevant to this audience.

Everyone knows how the Social media platforms work but to create an authentic, engaging and relevant piece companies need the help of professionals.