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Is your online home secure?


Home on the Internet

Your website is your online home. Is it safe? If you are a startup, security should be one of your first and foremost concerns, Today, due to cloud computing when it is so cheap to store data in the cloud, it is also a concern that your information or website will get hacked easily. How do you protect your information or keep it hidden from the prying eyes of hackers? These kind of breaches are happening every day. The bigger the company bigger the loss of trust, especially if they are not careful how their data is stored.

Some smaller companies sometimes do not even realize they have been hacked until much later. Would a breach of this cost you your company? Are you able to survive an event like this? Some of the steps startups can follow to make sure they are not negligent or due to lack of knowledge or expertise to save their business from the prying eyes of the hacker.


Installing an SSL certificate/HTTPS connection

If you are an e-commerce site or offer to accept credit card payments on your site it is advisable to have SSL or HTTPS connections. IF your target audience is searching for you on the Chrome extension, your business does not have the add SSL-stands for Secure Sockets Layer, the site will page will say it is unsafe to use your site. This is an update Google has made and is enforced starting now!

Always keep the plugins on your site updated. some plugins can leave a door open for the hackers to drop code into your site through a plugin which is not secure or updated.

If you are on Word press site there are a couple of plugins you can use to secure your site. Wordfence, BulletProofSecurity. If you are not the admin of your site or are overwhelmed by the process of staying secure we here at SimranKathuriaMedia can help you.

With your data secure, your customers will trust you and you will be saved from getting hurt down the line. Security is a good mindset to have when you are building your new relationships based on trust with your clients.